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Live at 9: TVA, makeup tips, feline leukemia & Paul Rodriguez

TVA and energy sources for the city of Memphis

Memphis Light, Gas and Water plans to form an advisory team to discuss options regarding your power supply sources. Those possibilities include alternatives to the city’s decades-long tradition of purchasing power from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Mark Creech and Scott Brooks joined us to talk about that.

Makeup tips with Bobby Moser

Springtime brings changes and for many, and that could include a new look. Makeup artist Bobby Moser and model Kendrick Simpson stopped by to show us how to get that fresh look you'll love.

What you need to know about feline leukemia

Two dozen cats were recovered from the Cordova home of Charlotte Creasy on March 28 and now the four-legged victims in this case face a  number of health issues. Dr. Angie Zinkus with Germantown Parkway Animal Hospital was here to explain how some of those health problems could have easily been prevented.

Chuckles Comedy House

This Latino stand-up comic is no stranger to the screen and stage, and you'll definitely remember him from starring in the original Latin Kings of Comedy. Paul Rodriguez was live and in person right here in our studio before his big weekend at Chuckles.

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