Flash flooding in Arkansas strands drivers, prompts rescues

HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. — Helena-West Helena, Arkansas is drying out after a water-logged day that saw heavy rains flood streets and strand several motorists.

The Helena-West Helena Fire Department confirms they rescued at least two drivers Thursday afternoon.

A photo taken by John Edwards shows a car sitting in a flooded ditch on North Sebastian near the town Walmart.

Romey and Patricia Clark had a front row seat to a water rescue when a Forrest City woman’s work van stalled on Oakland Avenue at Valley Drive after she tried to drive through high water. A firefighter told WREG the water reached his waist.

“One of the firemen climbed up on the hood of the van and was looking inside and they finally got her out,” said Romey Clark.

“We just felt so sorry for her ‘cause she was so worried about her work truck, her work van and she had so many things to do,” said Patricia Clark.

It wasn’t the only vehicle the Clarks saw attempt to drive through the water.

They watched for about an hour as driver after driver took their chances.

“This water was coming up over the hoods on some of the cars,” said Romey Clark.

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