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Live at 9: Memphis City Council, dental health, Paul Stack & ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

Memphis City Council preview

A pair of measures headed to Governor Bill Lee’s desk take aim at local governments and their power, and the Memphis 3.0 plan sees some backlash over the weekend..

Council members Ford Canale and Sherman Greer talked about all that and more on Live at 9.

Dental problems and your health

We all know just how important regular trips to the dentists are for your teeth and gums, but it turns out that there may be more to that. Your oral health could also be an indicator of your overall health.

Dr. David Right and Dr. Anastasios Karydis explained.

Author Chat with Paul Stack

Believe it or not, a seashell actually inspired Paul Stack's quest into what would become his new book.  It's called "The Leviathan: The Greatest Untold Story of the Civil War."

"Little Shop of Horrors"

"Little Shop of Horrors" is a rock musical with a dash of horror and a whole lot of comedy.

Grayson Todd and Caroline Morath from Arlington High School stopped by to give us a preview of the upcoming production.

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