Trolleys are back, so stay off the tracks, MATA warns

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Trolley night has taken on new meaning since the adored trolley cars returned to Main Street, but Memphis Area Transit Authority is warning people to pay attention when they're on the tracks.

MATA officials say they're excited the trolleys have been back for almost a year now, but it’s brought a problem of people walking across the tracks.

In the few years the trolleys were away, Main Street changed a lot. It’s busier now, with not just pedestrians but also electric scooters.

“Those wheels can get caught in the track and then you fall off the scooter in front of the trolley, that’s not gonna end well," said Mark Young, safety and security officer with MATA. "So we’re trying to get some messaging out to the public, be aware of the trolleys, stay off the tracks.”

MATA says the number one complaint they get from operators is distracted pedestrians either playing with their phone, not paying attention or wearing earbuds.

GoPro video provided by MATA showed a woman stepping right in front of the trolley as it moved down Main, and a guy riding an electric scooter right through the trolley tracks.

Officials hope people remember to stay to the side of the tracks, rather than on them.

Chris Mason said he's happy to see the trolleys' return to Main Street, but wants people to be careful.

"I’m hoping everyone stays away when they see the trolleys coming, because that’s dangerous for sure,” Mason said.

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