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Live at 9: Bridge, Savannah Brister, Anthony Wilson & Gerald Kelly

“Aces and Knaves”

Elite players, competition and even some scandals. A new documentary called “Aces and Knaves” sheds new light on something you probably thought was just for retirees and seniors, bridge.

Savannah Brister

This Memphis native is making a name for herself competing on national television, but 17-year-old Savannah Brister is not new to the music scene. She's been playing classical piano since the age of seven and has already released two singles.

Music with Anthony Wilson

This guitarist and composer is known for a body of work that's moved across a number of genres. Anthony Wilson joined us before his performance at GPAC's Jazz in the Box.

Comedian Gerald Kelly

This New York native has been cracking jokes since he was just a kid and he shows no signs of stopping. Now Gerald Kelly is right here in the Mid-South to spend his weekend at Chuckles Comedy House making you laugh!

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