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Deputies say man caught running chop shop in mom’s backyard

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County deputies say a Memphis man was operating a chop shop out of his mother's backyard, but he was caught when he tried to sell car parts to the wrong person.

Shelby County deputies say Thursday they found parts from a stolen BMW and numerous parts from other vehicles  outside a house on Appleville.

Investigators say Angelo Dubard admitted to stripping the BMW at his mother's home before dumping it.

Neighbors say they had no idea anything like that was going on across the street, but saw activity there Thursday and items being taken away.

Deputies say they arrested dubard after he listed parts from the stolen BMW on Facebook Marketplace and then tried to sell them to an undercover detective at a towing company off South Third.

Detectives say when they got to the shop on Biscayne, they saw Dubard and the owner of the business, Aziz Kane, roll four tires from the stolen car outside.

They say Dubard told investigators after he stripped the car, Kane towed it away.

Kane's loved ones at the shop Friday didn't want to talk on camera, but don't believe he knew the car was stolen.

Last year, Dubard was arrested for stealing car parts from a business and stealing a rental car from the Memphis airport.

He was out on bond when he was arrested.

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