Fayette County woman says bus monitor took food from son’s lunch

FAYETTE COUNTY, Tenn. — A Fayette County woman says her son's school bus monitor was caught taking food from the child's lunch, and she wants the school district to take action.

"She took my child's food from him on the bus and ate it on the bus in front of him," Angela Stewart said. "I see on that video that she is stealing from my child. I see here she's going through something that doesn't belong to her."

Stewart posted cell phone video on Facebook that she says shows the bus employee being caught red-handed "taking something she did not pay for from a child, a 7 year old."

The video shows the woman squeeze in next to the child. His lunch kit is open and a bag of Doritos is taken out.

Stewart admits her 11-year-old daughter shouldn't have had her cell phone on the bus, but she's glad she got the woman on video.

After seeing video of the incident from a different angle following a meeting with Fayette County district officials, Stewart believes the woman was sitting there eating her son's chips and moving her hand towards her face.

She says it's not the first time her son has come home claiming the same thing.

We went to the bus lot to get some answers. They directed us to the school board. We called and left messages, but they haven't been returned.

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