Does It Work: Smood potato smasher

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Making homemade mash potatoes can turn into quite a workout. But there’s a product that could turn one of your least favorite meal preps into your favorite.

Smood claims to create smooth, fluffy mash potatoes in seconds, but Does It Work?

The way Smood works, as you press down, the springs coils collapse one after another. There’s a thin gap left between, and that’s where the potato is going to come up.

It seems easy enough. Hopefully, it will be easier than using my traditional smasher, which is what I pull out during the holidays.

Smood has stainless steel spring coils and a silicone scrapper. After boiling my potatoes for a bit, I drained them. Then I started off with one potato, just like in the commercial.

The instructions were super easy. Just trap, press and mash. It truly mashed in seconds. But what about a whole bowl of potatoes? Since they used a glass bowl in their tutorial, I did too. I placed four potatoes into the bowl, left them whole instead of halving them like they did.

It was pretty easy.

Smood, you passed the Does It Work test.

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