Memphis Animal Services warns pet owners of fake officer trying to steal animals

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Animal Services say there's a man posing as an employee who's trying to steal people's pets in the Berclair area.

The attempted dog-napping reportedly happened near Bayliss and Duke. Memphis Animal Services immediately put out an alert after receiving a tip.

They believe the suspect was wearing a blue shirt and khakis and drove a Ford Fusion. He claimed he was animal control and tried to steal a pure-bred German Shepherd.

"That's disconcerting to us, because we can't figure out what would be this person's motivation," said MAS Director Alexis Pugh. "Maybe these dogs look to be of high value, so he was looking to turn around and sell them to make a quick buck or there could be worse reasons."

Pugh said one of the reasons could be dog fighting.

Pugh heard the imposter also tried to take another dog up the street but bolted when his plan foiled again. She says, until they nab the imposter, she wants people to remember Memphis Animal Services vehicles are always marked. Their officers wear a uniform, carry city identification badges, radios and safety gear.

If you want to be extra cautious, you can always call 545-COPS to verify an animal control officer is in your area.

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