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Tennessee five-year-old starts #HugACop movement in Lebanon

LEBANON, Tenn. — Meet Foster Routzahn, an energetic five-year-old with a love for all things law enforcement. CNN affiliate WZTV said Routzahn dresses like his heroes everyday and even goes through training scenarios while playing.

While he’s not exactly old enough to join his brothers and sisters in blue, he’s doing what he can to show them support.

That’s where #HugACop comes into play.

No matter where he is, if little Routzahn sees an officer he goes out of his way to make sure he gives them a hug.

It’s something that the officers in his home town of Lebanon, Tennessee greatly appreciate.

“Sometimes it seems like the negative opinions or the negative voices are so much louder than the positive ones,” Officer Paul Foutch told the station. “It’s just nice to have an interaction like that with a young man who’s so excited.”

He even had his mom Jessica Routzahn take him by the police headquarters to pass out hugs.

“If there’s anything good that comes out of all of this, and I do believe that there’s good to be had, I hope that people will start teaching their kids to go up to cops and officers and anybody that serves: give them a hug, give them a handshake, thank them for their service every single time,” said Jessica Routzahn.

It’s a lesson that Foster Routzahn is hoping to showcase in his day to day life, one hug at a time.

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