WATCH NOW: Fiona Hill, David Holmes testify at impeachment hearing

Live at 9: Miracle on the Pike, saving damaged trees and Bill Love

What you need to know about civil asset forfeitures

New legislation went into effect at the beginning of the year that changed laws involving civil asset forfeiture. But the Supreme Court recently stepped in to limit the power of states to impose fines and seize property.

Attorneys Gray Bartlett and Jack Irvine from Shea, Moskovitz and McGhee stopped by to explain your rights.

Miracle on the Pike

Each year two Mid-South auto businesses team up for the “Miracle On The Pike”. The folks at Brian Massey Imports and Madison Automotive take two cars that aren’t road worthy and get them back up and running for their owners.

Saving damaged trees

With more than five inches of rain in some areas, the Mid-South has seen more than it’s fair share of rain recently. All that water has to go somewhere and too much of it can damage the trees in your yard.

Arborist Nathan Baker stopped by to tell us some of the warning signs you need to be looking for.

Our changing nutritional needs

March is Senior Nutrition Month and it’s a good time to highlight how our nutritional needs change as we age. Bill Love joined us with some easy snack options and meal changes you can make to keep yourself healthy.

One-Pan Sautee


·  1 pkg frozen stir-fry veggie mix (no added sauces or seasonings)

·  1 skinless, boneless chicken breast, cubed into ½ inch pieces (can substitute frozen shrimp)

·  ¼ cup low-fat zesty Italian dressing

·  1 cup frozen brown rice


1.     In a skillet, cook cubed chicken in 1 TBS olive oil.

2.     Add stir-fry veggies to skillet and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes.

3.     Add frozen rice to skillet and 1 TBS of water (of needed to allow rice to warm).

4.     Add dressing, bring to a boil and mix ingredients together

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