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Whitehaven neighbors beefing up security after car break-ins

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Cameras captured a man prowling in a Whitehaven neighborhood, making his way inside at least one vehicle, trying to get into others.

The burglary is prompting neighbors to make some big changes.

Memphis Police posted pictures of the suspect. In them you can see an interior car light illuminating a man taking items from a car on Acacia Street.

Cameras recorded him committing the crime on Feb. 23, but police said he wasn't done there.

After looking through security footage, the vehicle's owner saw the same man, going to other homes, pulling on door handles of other parked cars.

Edward Hart's vehicle one of them. Nothing was stolen from his car but since his neighbor showed him the eerie video, he showed WREG the changes he made just yesterday.

"I had an alarm installed and I installed the doorbell camera," he said.

Hart said he felt violated seeing the man go through his car, "Because I work too hard," he explained.

He's been targeted twice. Back in December, he said he had two generators and a power washer stolen.

This most recent scare is leaving him on guard and his home well protected — like Fort Knox, he said.

"Yes, I got four cameras. I'm gonna have two on this end and two on the backside. I even got two dogs now."

His neighbor is taking precautions too.

"I make sure that's the last thing I do before I come in. I make sure they're locked. All of them is locked," a man across the street said.

Hart says it's a little sad they have to go to such lengths trying to secure but it brings peace of mind.

"I feel better now. I feel well protected."

If you know anything about the man who broke into the vehicle call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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