Does It Work: Dog Paw Cleaner

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tired of muddy paw prints all over your house? Dog Paw Cleaner claims to quickly defeat muddy feet. But, does it work?

We treat our dogs like they are one of our kids. If you're looking for a doggy daycare to wear them out while you're at work, the Doghouse Memphis has you covered.

Tracy Norton, officer manager, and Hayley Efird, owner and operator of The Doghouse Memphis, deal with muddy paws all day long.

"It's quite impressive how dirty they get. Some of them go out there, and you can't really tell. They might need a grooming wipe, maybe nothing at all. Then there are some dogs that have black boots on," they said.

The Doghouse Memphis is the perfect place to test the Dog Paw Cleaner. It comes in two sizes, small and large. We bought the large one. Inside the cup you'll find hundreds of soft silicone bristles that claim to remove dirt form the paw. All you have to do is add water.

"We have a groomer, Kristi, who has been grooming for ten years. So I think we should let her give this a try," Norton said.

Kristi's first thoughts on the Dog Paw Cleaner was, "It's very comfortable. It's like a massage."

First up, Jax, a very muddy golden doodle. Kristi filled the cup with warm water, then placed Jax's front right paw into the dog paw cleaner. After one try, Jax's paw was still dirty, but I'm guessing not as dirty.

Kristi rinsed the cup, and we did a second and third round. After drying the paw with a regular towel there was a significant difference.

Next up, Otis, a Schnauzer Terrier mix, much smaller than Jax and not as muddy. "It definitely cleaned the paw. It definitely worked on Otis."

Dog Paw Cleaner, you passed the 'Does It Work' test.

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