Shooting suspect accused of stealing thousands worth of cigarettes from Circle K

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say a man already charged with attempted murder is facing new charges after he continued his crime spree.

Police say Stanley Green made off with more than $7,000 worth of cigarettes from Circle K on Stage Road. Green was already charged with attempted second-degree murder when he had his bond revoked after he was arrested.

"I can't do math, but that sounds like a lot of cigarettes to be able to walk in and out with," a resident said. "These young people are out of control."

Michael Tuggers says, in April 2018, Green went to his house in south Memphis and shot his grandson in his front yard. Tuesday morning, he found out Green was in trouble again.

"The crime and the city, they just, they need to do something about it," Tuggers said.

Employees at Circle K couldn't talk on camera, but they say Green went into the store, pretended to do some shopping and then went behind the counter and filled a garbage can up with cigarettes. They say it was all captured on camera.

Those cameras may have helped police identify Green quickly.

Tuggers says his grandson has recovered from his injuries and is back at work. Circle K employees say Green may have had an accomplice. But so far, he is the only person who has been arrested.

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