Some roads flooded in Dyer County, others closed preemptively

DYER COUNTY, Tenn. – The situation is far from dire in much of Dyer County.

Some roads are covered in water like Locust Grove Road south of Trimble, but most roads are dry.

Many were closed preemptively as water starts to creep closer from flooded fields.

“I’ve just been seeing a lot of areas that are flooded out. A lot of the fields that have been flooded completely out,” said Robert Smith.

The worst of the flooding appears to be on the Dyer-Obion County line where County Line Road sits underwater west of Highway 51.

Payton Russom said he’s been coming to check out the flooding along the county line for the past few days.

“This floods pretty regularly, probably once a year at least,” said Russom.

“It’s almost like a lake, you know. It’s so flooded, it’s beautiful.”

Low-lying farmland across Dyer County is also taking on a lake-like appearance as rain continues to hammer down. Another two to four inches is expected across the Mid-South between now and Saturday.

"If the rain continues to keep going the way it is, a lot of other fields, a lot of other roadways will be washed out,” said Smith.

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