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South Memphis woman says apartment is unfit after ceiling caves in

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A south Memphis woman says her apartment is unfit to live in after her ceiling caved in.

It's patched up. But with more rain on the way, she believes things could get much worse.

Lenise Humphrey documented the disaster in her apartment at Thompson Court Apartments. Buckets were spread throughout the house as water began enter the home.

Repairmen patched up the major hole, but there are signs of water damage.

"I'm a dialysis patient. I have high blood pressure, diabetes. All these illnesses run together. I can't live in a state like this," Humphrey said.

She says there's more than just the hole making her apartment unfit. She says there's another hole in her hallway that also leaks.

"You can where it done something to this wall," she said as she walks in the bathroom. Humphrey also showed us a bulging ceiling above her shower.

Her heater also stopped working. "I'm keeping warm due to my stove and that little bitty small heater in there. That's dangerous right. But that's how I gotta live.

But that's not how she should live. So we went to talk to a manger.

A man named Sam, who refused to give his last name, said he works with the property owner of the Thompson Court Apartments. He said the damage wasn't from the rain but from a broken water heater.

He acknowledged Humphrey's problems, but said he has no other open units and maintenance can't fully fix the heaters until they dry out. And who knows how long that will take.

A frustrated Humphrey says something must be done.

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