Man with history of abusing women sentenced to prison

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One woman's horrific ordeal leads to justice for several others. They all share a similar story, saying they were beaten, tortured and terrorized by their boyfriend Charles Cook.

Melissa Terrell's swollen body and beaten face sounded the alarm that led to the arrest of Charles Cook and ultimately paved the way towards justice.

Terrell is the latest survivor, and hopefully the last woman who will face the wrath of Cook. In January 2018, she got away from her then boyfriend who beat her within inches of her life.

He received the max sentencing in his range. Cook was sentenced Tuesday to 12 years for attempted kidnapping and attempted second degree murder.

Prosecutor Joni Glenn thinks the penalty for the pain he's caused is long overdue.

"I poured my heart into this case from day one. Obviously, people would have liked more time, but he got the max he could have gotten within his sentencing range," Glenn said.

It was Terrell's case that got him 12 years. But, as we reported, survivor after survivor came forward telling gripping tales of the torture Cook forced them to endure.

Each story is eerily similar to the last.

"He held me underwater until I blacked out and bashed me in the head with a rock," survivor Angela Carver said.

The allegations of his violent behavior against women date back to the early 2000's and go beyond Tennessee. But somehow he avoided prison, until now.

On Tuesday, Terrell took the stand.

"Getting up there, facing him, looking him in the eye and telling her story describing what justice looks like for her," She told the judge she felt like he'd surely kill someone if he isn't stopped.

Cook's response for his actions were that the meth made him do it. He still has two pending charges in Dyer County related to domestic violence. He's due in court April 2019.

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