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Live at 9: Levell Blanchard, ‘The Marriage Map,’ Watercooler Wednesday & Mamma Mia

Levell Blanchard Interview

A busy day ahead for emergency responders across the Mid-South. The heavy rains sparked flash flooding in areas across the city and county.
Levell Blanchard, deputy director of the Shelby County Office of Emergency Preparedness, joined us to talk about their plans to keep everyone safe.

‘The Marriage Map’

Having a lasting marriage these days is no easy feat but this couple has been together for 45 years and even taught marriage classes. Doctors Barbara and Michael Grossman want to help you transform your own relationship in their new book “The Marriage Map.”

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Falling in Love Forever: Skills for a Fulfilling Romantic Partnership (online class)

Watercooler Wednesday

A southern newspaper editor wants the Ku Klux Klan in our nation’s capital, and a “golden” cruise that has many fans of a popular television show rejoicing. Danni Bruns, Steve Conley and Todd Demers joined us for Watercooler Wednesday.

‘Mamma Mia”

If you’re a fan of Abba you have to check out Houston High School’s upcoming production of “Mamma Mia”. Sarah Cate Melton and her costars stopped by the studio to give us a preview of the production.

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