Lawmakers announces bill to change meaning of star on Arkansas state flag

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There's controversy at Arkansas' capitol as one lawmaker fights to cut out Confederate ties to the state's flag.

That single blue star on Arkansas' state flag is causing quite the stir. Rep. Charles Blake, a Democrat from Little Rock, filed a bill that would change what that star stands for.

Now it represents The Confederate States of America, but Rep. Blake wants it to commemorate the contribution of Native Americans to the state.

While we found voters who backed the bill, we also met some critics.

"My opinion when it comes to the state flag like that, they're carrying it too far," voter Terry Sanders said.

WREG called Rep. Blake but we have yet to hear back.

In his bill, he points out how Arkansas was once home to numerous Native American tribes and that the word Arkansas is derived from a Native American word that means southern place.

He goes on to say, "Native American history and culture is an important part of history of this state."

Rep. Blake's bill will be discussed Wednesday morning in another committee meeting. The legislation comes two years after a law was passed to remove confederate General Robert E. Lee from the state holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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