Does It Work: The Brush Hero

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Anthony Bell, owner and operator of Perfect Image Detail Works, has a passion for clean cars.

“An automobile is an investment. It’s your second largest investment verses your home.”

Car owners tend to neglect their wheels since they’re such a pain to clean. Hopefully The Brush Hero can make that tedious job a lot easier. It comes with two brush heads. A soft black brush for sensitive surfaces and a tough white brush for serious brake dust and dirt.

We kicked off our test with Bell trying the tough white brush first. The instructions were pretty simple. Just screw The Brush Hero onto the hose nice and tight and then turn the water on. You can adjust the flow of water by using the flow control valve.

“This works absolutely wonderful.”

No water leaking from any of the connections.

“The actual stream of water and the brush rotation is actually getting to right where it needs to be. Inside the back corners of the crevasses of the wheels.”

It was pretty simple to swap out brush heads too.

Grab the other brush and push firmly to replace it. Remember, the black brush is for sensitive surfaces.

“Real soft to the touch. Specially for your aluminum wheels. Wheels that are polished.”

Bell was very impressed with its cleaning ability.

“It’s like a water pick for wheels.”

“Do you think it passed or failed the Does It Work test?”

“All day long, straight A’s baby.”

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