Penny Hardaway with a message to his critics, “We’re not going to be disrespected.”

Data pix.

MEMPHIS-- Coming off their biggest win of the year, a 77-57 blowout win over preseason AAC favorite UCF, Penny Hardaway used his Monday press conference to focus on his detractors.  Penny is more than okay having a target on his back, saying "It's a little jealousy from a lot of these coaches around the country.  We're NBA players.  We didn't have any experience as college coaches, so we didn't quote-unquote, pay our dues.  We still have to win to prove them wrong."

Hardaway also knows it's not as easy to get players out of Memphis as it use to be.  "We pose a problem to a lot of colleges and a lot of teams that didn't have that problem from this school at all, over the last 8 or 9 years.  We're taking the kids from coaches that have been able to easily get them at their schools.  There's going to be a target.  We're not going to disrespect anybody but we're not going to be disrespected either."


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