Woman arrested for deadly shooting in Frayser

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police Department has arrested a woman for shooting and killing a man in Frayser.

According to an affidavit obtained by WREG,  25-year-old Champagne Cathey was arrested in connection with a shooting that happened in the 3200 block of University Street on Monday, January 21. Cathey has been charged with second degree murder and tampering with evidence.

A witness told police that Cathey had asked him to take her to the victim’s house so that she could have sex with the victim in exchange for money. The witness said they arrived at the victim’s house, and he waited in the car while Cathey went inside.

The witness said that he heard a popping sound about thirty minutes later, and saw an unknown man run pass his car with “something with a light illuminating from his hand.” The unknown man reportedly yelled out something and continued to run down the street toward a Burger King.

The witness then stated that Cathey abruptly reappeared, got back into his car, and told the witness that she shot the victim. Cathey reportedly told the witness that she shot the victim because he had shorted her on her money. Cathey then sent a text to the victim’s phone saying “You raped me” to cover her tracks.

They drove back to Cathey’s apartment where they told Cathey’s husband about what happened. Cathey then had the witness drive her back to the victim’s house so that she could retrieve the bullet casings. The witness told police that Cathey later disposed of the gun used in the shooting.

According to the affidavit, Cathey admitted to police that she had gone to the vicitm’s house for sex in exchange for money. Cathey also admitted to a confrontation with the victim, and that she had lied about the victim raping her. However, Cathey denied shooting the victim.

Cathey is expected to appear in court on Monday morning.

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