Kansas authorities issue warning to parents after accused online predator blackmails child

STILWELL, Kan. — A Kansas prosecutor issued a warning to parents after a terrifying case came to light involving an online sexual predator and a young girl.

Logan Clements was charged with attempted rape of a child under 14 years of age, electronic solicitation and blackmail in Johnson County, Kansas.

District Attorney Stephen Howe told KMBC that Clements meet the young girl on a gaming platform during Christmas break and quickly began threatening her. He allegedly told the little girl to send him nude photos or he would kill her family.

Once he received those photos, he continued to torment the child by blackmailing her into sending more. He even forced her to send him videos of a similiar sexual nature.

Eventually the child agreed to meet him at a local middle school to have sex.

Howe told the TV station it’s a tragic situation where the child felt trapped and encouraged parents to take action.

“If you don’t talk to your kid, you’re making them higher risk for these types of predators to take advantage of them,” he said.

“It’s so important for parents to have those candid conversations about the fact that there’s individuals out there that are looking to prey on kids like themselves, and how to protect themselves, and how to say no.”

Clements was arrested when he arrived at that meeting earlier this month. He allegedly admitted to soliciting a minor.

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