Shelby County paid unlicensed psychologist up to $40K per contract term

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Late Wednesday afternoon, Shelby County officials released their most recent contract with Dr. Charles Kenny, the unlicensed psychologist who triggered a wave of re-screenings of county employees.

Under the terms of the contract, Kenny’s company, Right Brain People, was to be paid up to $40,000 for four months work spanning from late February 2018 to late June.

Until December, Kenny conducted psychological evaluations for county employees including deputies, firefighters and dispatchers.

In August, Kenny’s contract was extended until July 2019, during which time his company was to paid up to another $40,000.

The contract, which refers to Kenny as “the provider” states that, “the provider certifies that it is qualified or will take steps necessary to qualify to do business in the State of Tennessee and that it will take such action as, from time to time, may be necessary to remain so qualified and it shall obtain, at its expense all licenses, permits, insurance, and governmental approvals.”

WREG was the first to reveal on Friday that Kenny’s license had expired in 2001. The state told WREG it had discovered this in December.

Wednesday, county leaders said at least 402 sheriff’s deputies and corrections officers would have to be re-tested.

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