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Man accused of stuffing guitar down pants in Tennessee music store

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. — Inside Brentwood’s Lane Music, the walls are filled with guitars, but now one stand hangs empty. Workers said that’s because somebody came in over the weekend and stole a guitar — a Fender Stratocaster — from right under their noses.

“The guitar was nowhere to be found, we checked the cameras.”

But manager Colin Laughlin said it’s how the thief swiped the six string that has him baffled.

“This guy had actually taken a Stratocaster and put it down his pants.”

That’s right — the shoplifter stuffed the $1,400 guitar down his pants.

“We weren’t expecting to have to look for somebody to have a guitar down his pants.”

Lane Music released the surveillance video. You can see the crook with his back to the camera. When he turns around, he covers the guitar with his coat and limps off.

“It probably takes him about 20 seconds from pickup, put it in his pants, zipped up and adjusted. It’s kind of weird, impressive, but weird.”

Even weirder — the thief hung around while the guitar was in his pants.

“The crazy thing was on his way out he sat and talked with our guitar guy up front. I was on my way out and he said “hey thanks for showing me around” and took off.”

Now Laughlin is hoping somebody recognizes the thief and the shop can get it’s guitar back on the wall.

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