Two arrested after double shooting near Parkway Village

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men are in custody after a double shooting near the Parkway Village area.

Jarquious Doty, 18, and Tremayne Doty, 20, were arrested in connection with a shooting in the 3200 block of Castleman.

The shooting happened on Thursday, January 17.

A woman called police, saying a man knocked on her door and told her he had been shot. The man was transported to Regional One Hospital in critical condition.

Officers found a second crime scene in the 3200 block of Dothan and in the alley between Castleman and Dothan. Authorities say officers located shell casings, a bag containing a “green, leafy substance,” broken glass, money and clothing.

Shortly after, a second victim arrived at Delta Medical Center with a gunshot wound. The victim was  inside of a blue 2015 Nissan Sentra with the rear window shot out. The second was later transported to Regional One.

When officers made the scene at Delta Medical Center, they located the Nissan, and found the victim,  suspect Jarquious Doty and several others inside. Suspect Tremayne Doty was also at the scene at the time. Authorities say that officers saw two handguns inside of the vehicle.

Tremayne Doty reportedly told police that he had brought one of those handguns, claiming that it belonged to his brother and that he had brought it with him to go riding with his friends. Because he does not have a valid gun permit, Tremayne Doty was then taken into custody. He has been charged with unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon.

Jarquious Doty initially told officers that an unknown car drove by and fired three to four shots into their Nissan. Officers found witnesses who said that the shooting had actually occurred inside of the Nissan. Authorities say that, because of the contradictory statements, officers detained Jarquious Doty for “investigative purposes.” Officers conducted a pat down of Jarquious Doty and found a spent shell casing in his front right pants pocket.

Jarquious Doty was arrested, and has been charged with tampering with evidence.

Both are expected to be in court on Tuesday morning.

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