DeSoto County officers searching for suspect after high-speed chase

WALLS, Miss. — DeSoto County deputies are looking for a man who led them on a high-speed chase Wednesday and got away.

The chase started at the Pecan Grove Apartments in Walls. Deputies said a man knocked at two different apartments in buildings right next to each other.

At one, he kicked the door in but didn’t get anything.

At the other, DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco said someone answered, and the man threatened him with a gun. They closed the door after that, and the man took off.

“We make the scene," Rasco said. "We see the description of clothing they’d given us walking down, then we see this car driving through this complex with no lights on. He gets in this car, and they take off.”

The car wouldn’t pull over for deputies. That’s what started the high speed chase.

“I was sitting on the couch, and I heard it, and I came outside, and the police were out here," a resident of the apartments said.

Rasco said the chase ended when they got to the state line. According to documents, a supervisor told them to end the chase because of the low severity of the crime.

Rasco said he thinks this was all a mistake, and the man making the threat went to the wrong door. Neighbors said the same.

“I think it was targeted," a neighbor said. "There’s so much stuff that goes in over there.”

“DeSoto County will protect us, and if they don’t, I have my rights," another said.

Still, deputies said they know what vehicle was involved, and they’re determined to find it to make an arrest.

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