Pass It On offers help after great-grandmother loses house in fire

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Louise Cox is a hard-working woman. She volunteers at her church and has spent years raising kids and grandkids. But she's also had to deal with some heartbreaking events.

"Some years ago she suffered a tragedy with her daughter, after that she was living with her son and her son passed away," her friend Gerrilynn Crawford said. "Christmas Eve the house burned."

She's now living in the Residence Inn.

Let's Pass It On. We gave Gerrilynn $300 from News Channel 3, plus $300 more from an anonymous donors.

"We're here because we love you and want to pass something on to you," Gerrilyn tells Louise at the Residence Inn.

She starts counting out the cash, and it's greatly appreciated.

"Yes we thank y'all very much. It will be a help to us," Gerrilynn said.

But this story takes an unexpected twist.

"If it weren't for my great grandson, I think all of us would have been gone," she said, referring to her great grandson, six-year-old Jeremy.

"The dryer in the back room caught fire and he said, 'I smell smoke,'" she said.

Jeremy said: "And then I closed the door back and then granny opened the door and the fire came out. Then she closed the door real fast. Wow. And then she started running."

She tells Jeremy: "So everybody got out of the house because you smelled smoke and alerted them. That's it, that's it."

"I just thank god because it could have been the other way. We've been seeing so many fires on TV. How families die, but he chose us."


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