Police: Mother claims father was trying to kidnap son, hits him with car

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Freddie Hill and Novella Phillips

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An estranged couple was taken into custody after a domestic dispute over a child turned violent.

According to police, it all started when Freddie Hill came by the Corkwood home early Wednesday morning, gathered the boy’s things and then walked out the door to a waiting car. He claimed he and the child’s mother Novella Phillips had agreed that he should take the boy back to Minnesota to live with him, but the night before she changed her mind.

He said he still showed up the next day to collect his son.

As the boy was being led to the car, Phillips stepped in and “an intense verbal altercation” ensued between the couple, police said. That’s when another juvenile in the home and his friend jumped into Phillips’ car and attempted to hit the father with the vehicle.

Hill said he dodged the vehicle, and he and his son fled the scene on foot.  The two other juveniles chased him down the street where the man was physically assaulted.

As they were fighting, police say Phillips jumped into her car, jumped the curb and drove up into another person’s front yard to hit Hill in the leg. She then told all three juveniles to get in the car and they left the scene.

Police found the father on the scene limping severely and screaming that his leg had been injured.

The mother was located at the Penny’s Pantry on Breckenwood Drive. She said Hill attempted to kidnap their son and she hit him with her car to keep him from doing so.

Phillips was charged with felony aggravated assault.

Hill was charged with contempt of court.

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