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Goodwill employees allegedly steal $4,000 out of pocket of donated pants

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A pair of Goodwill employees are in hot water. Sharon Cole and Marlo Thompson allegedly found $4,000 inside donated pants but kept the cash instead of reporting it to their boss.

The pants were in a box of clothes donated by a Collierville woman Sunday. She took the clothes to the Goodwill drop-off center on Germantown Parkway in Cordova. Her husband, who doesn't want to be identified, said he stashed the cash in one of the pockets for safe-keeping, but his wife had no idea.

He said he went to the store to get it back, but the money was gone. Goodwill looked at surveillance video and allegedly caught Cole and Thompson taking it. They've been suspended pending an investigation.

People WREG talked with about this pretty much said the same thing.

"Those people that do not have any integrity, whatever happens to them should," Debra Morgan said.

Morgan feels bad for the woman who donated those clothes. After all, she was trying to help people in need.

"She was a good person, and unfortunately, she had to pay for trying to do the right thing," Morgan said.

Cole and Thompson are charged with theft and are due in court next week.

Police are trying to recover the money. The woman's husband said he'll donate a portion of whatever is potentially recovered to Goodwill.

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