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Trash mound in Orange Mound removed after complaints to city

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Residents in an Orange Mound neighborhood were fed up with a trash pile that stayed in the same place for months. Just after residents reached out to WREG with a complaint, it was removed.

Sharleane Price moved from her last home because of rats, but now she worries about the trash left for months bringing more rodents to her new home. The trash pile was sitting in front of her home since October.

She said the pile was bigger before people took some of the furniture.

"It's an eye sore," Price said. "If I had a truck, and I could hire somebody, I would probably have it done myself."

The pile contained TVs, mattresses, dressers and even tires. Price said it was dumped by the homeowner across the street when a renter moved out. She asked trash collectors about picking it up.

"He said that they had called it in to be picked up, but they didn't give him a date as to when it was going to be done," Price said.

Another person emailed WREG with the same complaint, saying she called 311 four times and submitted an internet complaint.

She said the homeowner threatened her and her neighbors and said he had friends who worked for code enforcement and waste management who tell him about their complaints.

About an hour after we reached out to the city Thursday morning, the pile was picked up. Residents said they're excited to be able to drive tonight through their neighborhood without the trash in sight.

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