Pass It On: A good guy with a leaky roof

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Caszel Williams has a medical issue and isn't able to work. He volunteers at his church and is faithful to help senior adults in his neighborhood.

But as Glenn Collins, the playmaker in this week's Pass It On, points out, Caszel needs some help.

"Well, 26 years ago he got hurt on the job," Glenn said. "At first he was having seizures but now he's much better.And he reached out to the people at his church, he helps all the people get up the stairs on Sunday and he reaches out to the elderly people in his neighborhood, and he calls them on a daily basis. If the world was like him, this world would be a whole much better place."

But Caszel is a good guy with a leaky roof.

"Seems like he can't get no help, you know," Glenn said. "He reached out. Some people came over there and caught himself fixing it but it's still leaking. Some of the sheet rock has fell down. So I took him last week to Walmart to get him an electric blanket because he said it be cold. It's next to the bedroom where he sleeps."

Sounds like Glenn's friend Caszel could use some help, so we give him a total of $600 to give to his friend.

Glenn counts out the cash

"You something else. I love you," Caszel told him.

Caszel is overjoyed to receive the cash, and he tells us why he's been disabled.

"There was a thing I worked on called a press. They told me the safety chain had broke on it, and hit me in the head and crushed my skull. Oh my goodness. So it messed with my memory a lot you know, so I have to write things down."

Inside the house, Caszel shows us where rain water has been pouring in. He has buckets and pans stationed throughout his home to catch the water. This money won't solve the problem, but it will help.


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