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Memphis investigating after employees caught using city gas in personal vehicles

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — City of Memphis employees are filling up their cars on your dime, and the city has launched an internal investigation into the problem.

According to that investigation, the city doesn't do a good enough job of tracking who's getting gas and where it's going. That's largely because some fuel stations don't have an effective way of doing it.

Two city employees have been fired for filling up their personal cars with city gas, purchased with taxpayer dollars.

Security at city-owned pumps varies. Some are padlocked, requiring a special key. Others are automated, unlocked using electronic key fobs.

The audit says those pumps track gas usage easily, but the others typically require manual logs that don't always exist.

The issue increases the potential for fraud.

The city's General Services Division says it'll fix the problem by putting devices to unlock pumps directly into city vehicles.

They're designed to track who's driving, how much gas they're getting and when they're getting it.

The city is updating its written policies on gas use, too.

The city has not responded for comment.


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