SUV stolen while out-of-town woman visits family in South Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — While a South Carolina woman visited family on Christmas night, bad guys stole her SUV right out of her grandmother's driveway in South Memphis.

Now the victim says she doesn't know if she's coming back next year after a nightmare of a Christmas experience.

The decorations were up on the door and Deandrea Johnson's SUV was parked close to the house on Dison when it happened.

Johnson didn't even know the SUV was gone until the next morning, when her spot was empty.

"She was so upset crying," said Johnson's grandmother, who didn't want to show her face because she's afraid whoever took her granddaughter's car could come back.

"I have cried because it hurt me and it happened in my neighborhood at my house."

She recalled Johnson using the SUV as storage space while visiting, leaving gifts from Christmas and her clothes inside. In hindsight she thinks that might have caught the attention of crooks.

"All her clothes, her car seat, baby clothes, they took all of that out of there."

She thinks bad guys also knew she didn't live in Memphis because of her out-of-town.

Police showed up right away and found the SUV within hours, abandoned off McLemore, and it wasn't in the shape it was in before it was taken.

"They had so many condoms in the car, smoking holes in the car seat, just filthy inside," the grandmother said.

She says it reeked of marijuana and there was damage to the back of the car from the bad guys slamming into a pole while reversing out of the driveway.

"She hadn't been here in four years, since her granddaddy died."

Johnson packed up her four children and infant granddaughter and has made her way back to South Carolina.

She says after this experience, it'll be a while before she comes back to Memphis.

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