Procedure aimed at preventing miscarriages now available in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s being called a medical breakthrough. A robotic surgery that could help women prone to miscarriages carry a child to term is now available in Memphis.

A gynecological oncologist at Baptist Memorial Healthcare is the first locally to offer the state of the art procedure to women who have recurrent miscarriages.

One of the main causes is an incomplete cervix. The solution is a stitch around the cervix so it doesn’t open prematurely.

Andranika Arnett, currently expecting, has had four miscarriages. She had the surgery two months ago and said since it was done robotically there was very little downtime.

“It was like a relief, like a weight off my shoulder. I thought it was the end or I wouldn`t be able to try again.”

“Robotically we use very tiny little incisions and we can do it as an outpatient procedure where you come in the hospital , have the surgery and go home the same day,” said Dr. Kumar.

Baptist said in the past women wanting to have the procedure would have to travel as far away as Chicago for the surgery.


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