Live at 9: SCS expulsions, AutoZone Liberty Bowl, Dem Wild’N Out Boys & J.R. Moore

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Expulsions at Shelby County Schools

Tennessee law and school district policies mandate expulsions for some offenses in our schools. But newly released data shows 83 percent of expulsions come at school leaders’ discretion. And now we’re learning the number of students expelled within Shelby County Schools in the last year are on the rise.

Board member Michelle McKissack talked about that on Live at 9.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl

More than a dozen future soldiers will be sworn in during the AutoZone Liberty Bowl Monday. Lt Marion Sams with the U.S. Navy told us more about the special event.

Dem Wild’N Out Boys

If you love comedy then these guys won’t be strangers to you. Dem Wild’N Out Boys featuring Chico Bean and Karlous Miller will be headlining at Chuckles Comedy House this weekend.

Music with J.R. Moore

Born and raised right here in Memphis, J.R. Moore is  no stranger to the music industry.  He’s the lead singer of the band Ingram Hill and has toured across the country with everyone from Maroon Five to the Zach Brown Band.

He stopped by to talk about his new solo album that’s out now.

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