Pass It On: Christmas with Catholic Charities

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — While many of us enjoyed being with family and friends this Christmas, there are unfortunately many people hurting. Some are homeless, jobless or don't know where their next meal will come from.

With the help of Catholic Charities of West Tennessee, Tim Simpson teamed up to make a difference in a special edition of Pass It On.

Lisa is working hard to escape poverty and become self sufficient. She needs some help because seasonal work provides very little. Plus she has two beautiful children.

She's having a lot of trouble with transportation. Her car lights, her headlights are out and she keeps getting tickets. Her transportation is unreliable. She really is looking for full time employment but she needs reliable transportation. Lisa sleeps in her car, and it's seen better days.

Just down the hall is a woman named Denetria. She too has fallen on hard times and needs help.

Denetria left Memphis some years ago, moved out of the city, thought times would be better there. She fell on hard times, came back to Memphis again, thinking she would get a better place.

11:31 "we have a person who is going to add to this 600 and give some extra money to her. And how much is that? 200 additional dollars. So she's getting 800 dollars. 800 dollars today and she can really use it because right now she is homeless."

"Thank you so much. Thank you. My kids and I have been through a lot," Denetria said as Tim counted out the cash.

"It makes me feel wonderful. Thank you, thank you. I didn't think things would turn around for me and my children."

the final piece to this pass it on surprise with catholic charities occurs at an apartment complex.

Keeosha is the mother of two children, four-year-old and five-year-old little girls, and she's pregnant and due in February.

The father of the baby was killed in a car accident a couple of months ago. She's working, but she's having a hard time.

It sounds like keeosha could use some help.

We gave her a check for her rent for the month of December and the $200 from Catholic Charities. For a total of $700.

Despite Keeosha's Santa hat and beautiful christmas tree inside, there are no presents and no furniture. We're in the right place.

"It will help with the rent and then I have a baby on the way. So, and this will help get them some things for Christmas," she said.

With the assistance of Catholic Charities, we were able to bring some Christmas cheer to Lisa, Denetria and Keeosha.


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