Love of family leads to massive Santa Claus collection

NEW ORLEANS — Laughing Santas, cooking Santas and even Santa Claus himself. This Christmas display is one that can’t be beat.

“It started in 1975 with the passing of my mother,” explained Leeanne Leopold Savoie. “Christmas was her favorite time of year so I decided since it was her time of the year and we were all so down about it, why not make it special for that year and the following year. It just exploded after that.”

What started as a few Kris Kringles has grown into hundreds. They now fill every part of the house.

“Close to 500.”

“They’re not all out because I don’t have a big enough tree and I don’t want to overdue it,” she added. “If I see something new and different I’ll wait and break down and buy it.”

The display has turned into a tradition not just for this family but for neighbors like Kieth Landry as well who say it’s always a fun thing to look at.

“There’s no reason to go to the North Pole when they have it in New Orleans.”

“It starts off the holiday perfect,” he added.

It is something his family looks forward to every year.

“It’s what it’s about, sharing things and it’s their way to give back to the community and this area, and it’s cool that they can share it with everybody.”


With the approval of Saint Nick, it’s one magical display that keeps the spirit of Christmas alive.

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