Three men charged with capital murder of Arkansas man

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MARIANNA, Ark. — Three people have now been charged with murder in the shooting death of Carlos Sanders, who was killed on Dec. 9 in his own front yard.

Police took the last man, Tyler Moody, into custody Wednesday. Sanders' family said these arrests give them some closure, but their loved one can never be replaced.

"I'm just glad they got them," Rhonda Cheers, the victim's sister, said. "He wasn't a bad person. He got along with a lot of folks. And if you had been at his funeral, you could tell he wasn't a bad person 'cause it was packed."

James Brownlee, Clark Bailey and Moody have been charged with capital murder after Sanders was shot during an apparent armed robbery in the front yard of his Marianna home.

"I was in the bed and we heard like eight to ten shots," Cheers said about the shooting.

She said her brother crawled to the front porch, where she found him, after being shot.

"At the end, I guess when he was taking his last breath, and he knew he was going to leave me, he told me, he said, 'I'm going to be alright,'" Cheers said.

Cheers said she is not certain if her brother knew the three men now behind bars for his murder.

Marianna Police said murder investigations are a rare thing for them.

"The last homicide we had before this one, I believe, was two or three years ago," Marianna Police Chief Martin Wilson said. "So we've been pretty blessed around here in Marianna. There are a lot of good folks here in Marianna."

Wilson said the three men charged are from Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, and he wants to get justice for Sanders' family. He said his investigators worked hard to find the people they think are responsible for Sanders' death.

"I will be talking with the City Attorney, the Prosecutor, and we will be seeking the death penalty," Wilson said.

The victim's sister said she wants no mercy shown to the three men charged.

"If I can get it, I want the death penalty," she said. "If not, I hope they don't ever see daylight again."

The three suspects were arraigned Wednesday in St. Francis County Court.

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