Red kettle bell ringer spreading joy, hugs at Oakland Kroger

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OAKLAND, Tenn. — At the Kroger in Oakland, you’ll find Red Kettle bell ringer Natasha Dennis. She's become what one could call a town celebrity.

Dennis has been volunteering as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army for seven years.

“I just love doing it. I love Oakland. They’re beautiful people," said Dennis.

And they love her.

If you couldn’t tell by their smiles, hugs and donations — they’ll also be quick to tell you.

“She’s awesome. She’s a sweet, precious lady. She’s a Christmas blessing," said one shopper who said she looks forward to seeing Dennis every year.

Dennis said she loves music and dancing.

“I’ve had lights up. I’ve got a gingerbread suit I put on and it lights up. I go out in the street and dance.”

But more than anything:

“I love to inspire people and I like to bring love to people. When you give love, love will come back to you," Dennis said. "Whether they give a donation, whether they don’t - it doesn’t matter. It makes me feel good. They come by, they give me hugs. They give me a donation, whether it small or big, it doesn’t matter.”

While not ringing the bells, Dennis is a wedding decorator. Surely making people smile everywhere she goes.

You can help us reach our $901,000 Salvation Army goal by donating at any red kettle or online at

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