Pass It On: Friend helps loving couple take care of each other

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The joy on the face of Joan Doyle doesn't give even a hint of what she's struggled with for almost 40 years. Now the journey is about to become more difficult.

"Years ago she had complications with childbirth and she's been paralyzed ever since," said her friend, Cathy Garrett. "But her husband has been the most wonderful person. He's been a caregiver for her, a provider for her.

"Until recently, he lost his job. Now he has early stages of dementia, and Cobra, that's what they're on now, the insurance is just unbelievable."

Cathy simply wants to help out her longtime friends as they face what could be the greatest challenge of their lives so she met Joan at her house with the cash from Pass It On.

"Remember what you told me last night?" Cathy asked Joan when they met at Joan's house. "That things happen but God's good and he's going to get you through this? Well he is."

Cathy counted out the cash: $300 from News Channel 3 and $300 from our anonymous donor.

"This is what we wanted to bring you today. Remember I told you we forgot something? Well, here it is. And this is from Danny and myself and some other friends, and we wanted to help you."

Joan is overwhelmed by this kindness. $600 in Pass It On dollars plus a cookie tin full of cash.

"There are people that are in worse shape than we are, that it feels like we're not so deserving of it, but I'm humbled," Joan said. "But God has provided for us, and he's going to continue to. I'm very humbled."

Joan's husband Carter said, "I'm just, I don't know what to say. Just very thankful."

"I was at the doctor today. She just couldn't believe it. She said, well, you all will just continue to take care of each other. That's right, that's what we do. "

Carter and Joan Doyle have a strong marriage. They'll approach Christmas Day knowing that there are battles ahead, but their faith runs deep. Plus, they have friends like Cathy Garrett.


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