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Southbrook Town Center reopens after publicly financed renovation

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Folks in Whitehaven got a first look Tuesday at a multimillion dollar revitalization project supported by both the city and the county at the old Southbrook Mall.

Now called Southbrook Town Center, the place is being brought back to life after the building was vacant for years. Through some big investments, it's getting a second chance — and some are hoping it'll boost the economy in Whitehaven.

"We are privileged that we are one of the starting points and catalyst for this community," said Michelle Moore, project manager.

With $2.1 million invested by the city and $1.5 million invested by the county, it's a joint revitalization project.

"You have a facility of 122,000 square feet that just sat here," Moore said. "Why not Whitehaven, why not now?"

The building that used to look like a ghost town will soon see life again, with restaurants, bridal shops, dance studios and offices.

It's expected to become a place for everyone. The hope is to draw tourists who stop at Graceland, but it's also designed to build up the community.

The two theaters will serve the area's high schoolers, but the space will have cultural arts center, so it's not just movies.

Moore says she remembers Whitehaven during its glory days.

"This was the 'it' place, and what people don't realize is those dollars are still here," she said.

She sees the mall bringing those days back. Once the doors open, all 29 spots inside are filled.

Tuesday was just the soft open ceremony. The plan is to start operating fully by January, though that could change.

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