Manhunt Monday: Atha Falkner

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — A man was killed last Sunday outside a crowded Mississippi gas station, but his family members wonder why the witnesses aren't talking.

Atha Falkner, 27, was shot in the parking lot of a Marathon gas station in Victoria, Mississippi. Minutes later, Falkner took his last breath, leaving his family devastated.

"My momma is sitting at home going crazy, one minute she is sitting at home thinking that her son is going to get off at 5 o'clock, the next minute she knows that he's dead and she will never see him again."

Deputies say the gas station parking lot was full of people, but no one is talking. Falkner leaves behind two small children.

Falkner's sister says she's heard conflicting stories about what led up to her brother's murder, but she says she knows someone knows who pulled the trigger.

The store's surveillance cameras shows a red car pull up right before Falkner was shot. Deputies say they believe the person in the red car could have the answers they need to solve Falkner's murder and get a dangerous killer off the streets.

"If he would take the life of a human being and just drive off, that's pretty serious to us, it puts him in a category of being armed and dangerous, said Major Kelly McMillian of the Marshall County Sheriff Department.

If you know who killed Falkner, you are urged to call the Marshall County Sheriff's Department at 662-252-1311. All calls are confidential. The sheriff's department is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

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