Police: Argument over Christmas presents leads to high-speed chase, serious crash

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A domestic violence incident on Thursday led to a high-speed chase that resulted in two men being rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Police said it all started after Walter Young and his girlfriend Rikki McGhee got into an argument over Christmas presents for the woman's children.

Police say Young gave McGhee $200 and suggested a four-wheeler. But she didn't like that idea, and put the money in her bra while the couple fought about it.

That's when Young reportedly reached over and tried to take the money out of her bra. While doing so, the woman said Young scratched her on the chest.

Not wanting the situation to escalate further, the woman drove to a nearby police precinct and got out. Young jumped in the front seat and took off at a high-rate of speed.

A nearby officer tried to pull Young over, but he refused to stop leading to a high-speed chase down I-240. Officers said Young was weaving in and out of traffic, not using his blinkers and was disregarding the safety of other drivers.

He eventually crashed at Lamar Avenue and Prescott, and was rushed to the Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

Young's erratic driving also caused injury to another driver. That man was also rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

Young was charged with aggravated assault, domestic assault, diving with a suspended license and reckless driving.

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