South Memphis residents say potholes are causing homes to shake

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some South Memphis residents say potholes in the street are causing a rumble so loud it's shaking their homes, so they turned to WREG for some help.

Terence Lane and Joe Taylor say they're dealing with a different kind of pothole at Mallory and Pendleton.

"When you're trying to sleep you know when it hits those holes it just sounds like a bomb in Vietnam or something, 'boom!' Throughout the day and night," Lane said.

They say the neighborhood starts rattling when a big rig drives over the uneven road. Around the Longview community, with nearby warehouses, that's pretty often.

"Every time it hits those holes it shakes the foundation of all these houses," Lane explained.

The neighbors have been dealing with this issue for a year or two, he said.

We stood on the busy corner with the two men for a few minutes. It wasn't long until an 18-wheeler came barreling down the road. You could feel the ground rumbling.

"It's very frustrating, very frustrating, aggravating," said Lane.

They're confident it's the weathered asphalt causing the problem.

"You can hear it and as soon as you hear it you can feel the vibrations."

Lane said he's called the city, a lot.

"I called 311 about 60 times and they said they were gonna do something about it but they never did fix it."

You can tell the potholes have been patched in the past but Lane believes the intersection needs a long term solution.

We reached out to the city of Memphis about the problem a spokesperson told us, "Drain Maintenance crews were dispatched to this location earlier today to investigate the complaint.  Crews created a Service Request  (S/R) and a CTV inspection camera crew will help identify the issue. I will keep you updated tomorrow on next steps."

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