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Roll of the dice determines Arkansas election after delayed flight leads to a tie

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Lawrence County courthouse, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. — When a city council runoff in Hoxie, Arkansas ended in a tie because one of the candidates was delayed by a flight and couldn’t cast a vote, the town decided to settle it with a roll of the dice at the county courthouse.

Cliff Farmer lost his bid against incumbent Alderwoman Becky Linebaugh for a seat on the Hoxie City Council when he rolled a four to her six, Deputy Clerk Ashlyn Griffin said.

Farmer had intended to vote in last week’s runoff election after returning from a work-related trip to Florida, but he and his wife landed in Memphis only an hour before polls closed. Memphis is about 80 miles from Hoxie.

Farmer and Linebaugh each received 223 votes in the runoff election.

Farmer’s wife had voted early.

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