City of Wynne’s police chief leaving

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Jeff Sanders

WYNNE, Ark. —  The police chief in Wynne, Arkansas is leaving his post as a new mayor comes into office.

On Tuesday, Chief Jeff Sanders took to Facebook announcing his departure from the Wynne Police Department after 20 years on the force.

Sanders said mayor-elect Jennifer Hobbs told him he’d be out of a job starting at the beginning of the year when she takes office.  He criticized Hobbs for the way she handled the situation.

“It saddens me that after working for the city for 20 years to be leaving like this. I feel that during my time as Chief, I have treated the citizens of Wynne fairly no matter race, sex or social status. I know there are some city council members that did not agree with how I ran the Police department or even like me. To them I say, well you got you way I am gone. To the new mayor elect. I personally think how you went about letting me know I was not needed/wanted was handled wrongly. You do not know me or anything about me. All you have is what you have heard. I was always told believe nothing you hear and only half what you see. I hope you learn from your mistake. But what is done is done.”

Sanders went on to thank the outgoing mayor and his comrades in blue for their support and service.

The announcement was met with an outpouring of support from those in the community.

The Wynne Progress newspaper reports that Hobbs has asked Jackie Clark, a captain with Arkansas State Police, to be the new chief.

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