Pass It On: Memphis single mother receives holiday help

Nicole Calico is a hardworking single mom blessed with a beautiful daughter, but she was not blessed with reliable transportation. Brooke Askew wanted to Pass It On and make a difference for Calico.

"She's had a bit of bad luck for the last couple of months, and she was taking a bus to take her child to daycare, which is across town, then taking an Uber to get to work in Whitehaven," Askew said. "So she finally saved up enough money to get a car, and two weeks later, rain started leaking into the car, the car stopped three times on her way to work and on top of that the heat went out."

Thanks to Askew, WREG was able to give Calico $300. Added with another $300 from an anonymous donor and WREG's Tim Simpson's personal donation of $200, Calico will have $800 to go towards her transportation and Christmas gifts.

"You know it's hard when you try to do the right thing, and you want to do better and have better, then you think you're making moves to go forward, and you get pushed back, so it'll definitely help," Calico said.

It may not solve all of Calico's financial problems, but it will provide some help to this single mother during the holiday season.

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