Frayser charter school closes for second day because of cold classrooms

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Students at Martin Luther King Jr. College Prep high school in Frayser were out of school another day Tuesday because school officials say the classrooms are too cold to have class.

Parents say first it started with a text and then a call to pick their children up early from school.

"It's out of their control," one mother said. "If the heat is broke down they have to get someone to fix it and I'm sure that takes time."

That mother said she understand it’s a process and she's okay with waiting it out, if that's what is best.

"I prefer for them not to be in a building that's freezing cold anyhow."

Monday, the Frayser charter school let students out early in the morning, and Tuesday they cancelled class all together.

Right now, she doesn't know what tomorrow will bring, since she says it seems the school is playing it by ear, and letting them know as they go.

"I don't feel like they are keeping us in the loop," she said.

She knows it takes time to fix the problem--but it’s the uncertainty of it all that frustrates this mom. She won't know if school is on for Wednesday until later, but she's not too worried about the missed days.

"I'm not like concerned about it because it’s not like they've missed a whole week or two, three weeks at this point."

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