National Christmas Tree Association: No shortage, but you may have to shell out a little more green

NEW YORK — The National Christmas Tree Association says it expects to sell more than 27 million trees this year, but some customers may have to shell out a little more green.

For Shana and Rich Maccone, tis the season for picking out that perfect Christmas tree.

“I knew I wanted something between five and six feet,” said Shana Maccone. “And the overall shape — like I don’t want to have a Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Many sellers say demand for trees is up this year.

At Fred’s Christmas Trees in New Jersey owner Fred Dauth recently had trouble getting trees from his Canadian supplier because of bad weather. Now they’re coming in.

But supplies are tight for other sellers in certain parts of the country and that’s led to higher prices in some places. Part of the problem stems from the 2008 financial crisis when some growers were forced to shut down and others didn’t plant as many trees.

A typical tree takes seven to 10 years to grow.

There have been scattered media reports of a tree shortage this year, but the National Christmas Tree Association says that isn’t the case.

“There is no shortage,” said Tim O’Connor, the executive director of the association. “There are enough Christmas trees available.Everyone who wants one will be able to get one.”

Prices at Fred’s Trees are level with last year and the Maccones found the tree they wanted.

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